Counseling Resources

Additional solutions for your need

Licensed counselors in the community are recommended when dealing with personal crisis situations, chronic marriage concerns, etc. Let us provide information about counselors we know and trust who can meet your need.

Disclaimer: We realize at times connecting with a licensed counselor is necessary when individuals are facing difficult decisions, transitions in life, trials, and personal crisis. On this website, we have selected counselors in the community who we believe will provide wise care and counsel to you. So that you can find the most appropriate counselor to assist you, we encourage you to interview more than one person before making a final selection.

As you interview potential counselors, consider your needs and what you hope to accomplish. This dialogue will help you select the most appropriate individual or agency for your needs. Attaining counselor information from this site acknowledges the release of liability from any claim or litigation whatsoever involving NorthRidge Church.

By downloading either of the lists means that you agree to the above disclaimer. If for any reason you need further assistance, please contact Care Ministries at NorthRidge Church 734.414.7777.