The mission of NorthRidge is to Wake the World Up to Jesus by showing God’s love, telling His Truth and involving others. At times, many of us need a little financial help to get by, whether it’s money for food, utilities, or an urgent bill. NorthRidge attendees regularly give of their resource to help others in such need. If you are a NorthRidge member or regular attendee and would like to receive benevolence assistance, the process is as follows:

  1. Review the NorthRidge Guidlines below to see if you qualify.
  2. Complete the Benevolence Application and prepare requested documents.
  3. Speak with our Care Pastor about your circumstances (usually within 24 hours of receiving your request)

NorthRidge, in its sole discretion, considers the following factors as a guideline for every applicant when a request for short term help is received:

:: The applicant’s level and length of participation or attendance at NorthRidge in-person services or programs. We look for the active involvement of at least six months. If children are involved, their attendance will be considered.

:: The applicant’s history of benevolence with NorthRidge, other churches or organizations;

:: Depending on the nature of the applicant’s circumstances, if they are willing to participate in a multi-week program on financial freedom, or take specific steps to improve their circumstances. This may include, but not limited to working, at no cost, with a personal financial coach.

:: How the requested assistance will serve the applicant and the mission of NorthRidge Church.

Please note: When benevolence is approved, our approach is to pay the vendor or expense at issue directly; not to give the funds directly to the applicant.

NorthRidge Church Benevolence Ministry has the right to deny assistance to any application that fails to meet qualifications.

Complete the Benevolence Application. You may submit completed forms confidentially by…

:: Faxing them directly to our Community Care Office at 734.414.3996. To be sure your fax is appropriately received, please include a cover sheet labeled “Attention: Community Care.”

:: Scanning the forms and emailing them to

:: You may also drop them off at the Reception Desk at NorthRidge Plymouth. To be sure your forms are confidentially and appropriately directed, please place them in a sealed envelope labeled “Attention: Community Care.”

There are community agencies throughout Michigan that may be able to assist you. Internet search engines and phone books are helpful tools for locating these agencies in your area. Here are a few recommended agencies to get you started:

Assistance with Rent, Mortgage or Utilities 
Salvation Army – 
United Way – 877.211.5253 or simply dial 211 
THAW – 800.866.8429 
Wayne Metro Community Action Agency – or 734.246.2280

Assistance with Food or Clothing 
Food Pantry Locator – 
Salvation Army – 
Gleaners Community Food Bank – 313.923.3535 
State of Michigan Food Assistance Program – 800.481.4989