Coping skills for your loss

The GriefShare group is here to help those grieving the physical death of a loved one.

Losses, in various degrees, are always experienced in life, yet the coping skills to deal with those losses may not have been adequately taught to us. Grieving requires feeling, sharing the loss and feelings with another, being accepted, and then releasing them to the Lord at several levels before being adequately healed. Join this group to find care and encouragement from others as you go through this difficult time.

Topics: Is this Normal? | Challenges of Grief | The Journey of Grief – Part One | The Journey of Grief – Part Two | Grief and Your Relationships | Why? | Guilt and Anger | Complicating Factors | Stuck | Lessons of Grief – Part One | Lessons of Grief – Part Two | Heaven | What Do I Live for Now?

Spring Group
Mondays, September 9 – December 9, 6:30-8:30p
Plymouth Campus | Register Now, Join any time.

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