Estate Planning

Put Your Stuff To Good Work

What if it was easy to design your legacy today? At NorthRidge, it is! God has entrusted every one of us with a life full of stuff. These possessions, such as our house, property, cars, business(es) and the insurance policies we own all become part of His plan for us and the legacy we leave long after we are gone, which is why we offer estate planning.

The Estate Planning Workshop is free and offered every fall, winter, and spring. During the 2-hour event, you’ll learn about the importance of establishing an Estate Plan, a Lasting Will and Testament, Power of Attorney, and Living Trust!

Approximately 70% of people pass on to eternity without setting up an Estate Plan, leaving their legacy in the hands of the court system, potentially putting family members and loved ones through legal hassles while grieving.

Protect your family and loved ones today. Don’t become part of this statistic! Preparing for the future demonstrates good stewardship and protects the people that mean the most to us and the legacy we leave behind. Let NorthRidge and its partner, Financial Planning Ministries help you design your legacy!

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June 14, 6:30-8:00p
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