Senior Pastor

Senior Pastor

Brad Powell, Senior Pastor

He’s not what you’d expect. Simply put: Brad’s not your typical pastor. In fact, he was as surprised as anyone when God called him into ministry. Early in life, Brad couldn’t even relate to church. He couldn’t understand the religious language and found it to be both boring and pointless.

His first six years of ministry were in four very different churches and locations; from Rhode Island to Florida, and from 18 to 500 people. The dying church Brad entered in 1990 was truly a calling of faith and obedience. He didn’t doubt God could rebuild NorthRidge, known as Temple Baptist of Detroit at the time. He just doubted the church would follow him as pastor.

Today, NorthRidge is not only revived but thriving. Under Brad’s leadership, the ministry has flooded the surrounding communities, creating an entirely fresh culture of faith. And because the church continues to grow in impact and influence, Brad remains certain of his and NorthRidge’s mission to Wake the World Up to Jesus.

“Though I’m flawed in many ways, God knows I’m in ministry for one reason… I love Him and want others to know the redemption, love, fulfillment and hope that I’ve experienced in knowing Him.”

Check out and Brad’s book, Change Your Church for Good.