Are you looking for a group that connects women across generations with a talent of love and comfort while being the hands and feet of Jesus? If so, our quilting and knitting groups are for you!

New to quilting or knitting? No problem!
Our groups are open to all, regardless of experience. We are eager to teach anyone who is willing to learn! We have sewing machines and fabric samples to help you start quilting. For knitting, all you need to bring is your own yarn and needles!

Who we benefit?
We benefit many organizations, families, and individuals, but a list of our general beneficiaries is below.

– Prison Ministry inmates and their children
– Royal Family KIDS Foster Children
– Church members and friends who are ill, sick, or grieving loss

Knit Items
– Premature infants at hospitals (hats, blankets, booties, and bereavement wraps)
– Local hospitals (blankets, hats)

For more information on how you can get involved, Contact Us.