These aren’t “just” students – they are world changers! Identity is everything to a student; that’s why we want to encourage them to learn and know who they are in Christ. Using your gifts, talents, and experiences, you can be an influencer and life-change catalyst in their lives!

If you love God and want to positively impact high school students, then come partner with our team! Volunteers are needed for weekend HSM service, leading mid-week community groups, or serving in the band and tech teams.

Schedule: 2 Hours, weekly or bi-weekly (Sunday Nights or Weekday Evenings)

Additional Info: Group Leaders must be 19 or older

Middle School Ministry is a relational environment where students can make new friends, have fun, and learn about a God who loves them! We are looking for volunteers who are passionate about positively impacting middle school students. This is your front-row seat to life-change! As a leader, you will circle up with a group of students and lead them through discussions on what it means to follow Jesus, help check-in students, or serve on our band and tech team.

Schedule: 2 Hours, weekly or bi-weekly (Saturday, Sunday, or Wednesday)

Additional Information: Group Leaders must be a sophomore in high school or older

Volunteers are needed to lead groups, help with check-in, or work with the band or tech during the program. If you care about students, love God, and want to make a positive impact, then join the fun and partner with our team in the age group that best suits you!

Schedule: 2 Hours, weekly or bi-weekly (Sunday Morning or Weekday Evening)

Additional Information: Group Leaders must be a sophomore in high school or older

Whether you’re a student or an adult, there are many opportunities to use your gifts in music or tech for our Student Ministries services! We’d love to help you grow in your skills or even train you in something new! There are opportunities to lead Middle and High School or Young Adults.

Schedule: Weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly (Thursday, Saturday or Sunday)

Additional Information: Must be in 6th grade or older

Would you like to serve in or learn more about one of these opportunities? Fill out the Volunteer Interest Form for your campus, and a team leader will get in touch with you.

Volunteer Interest Form: Plymouth | Brighton