Vista Maria

Vista Maria, located in Dearborn Heights, MI, is a residential and community-based facility for female adolescents, ages 11 to 17, who have experienced abuse, neglect, and trauma. As residents of Vista Maria, they are allowed to face their challenging issues and rebuild their lives by participating in the extensive array of available programs.

As a volunteer at Vista Maria, you give children the opportunity to heal from past abuse, traumas, and victimization so they can become productive, self-sufficient, contributing members of society.

Welcome Bags: Provide a bag filled with necessities upon arrival. Many young ladies come to Vista Maria with only the clothes they are wearing and very few personal items. These intake bags provide personal items they will need to make it through their first initial days at the facility. They are provided a few items from Vista Maria, but more is needed to carry them throughout the week.

  • Clothing Wish List: Vista Maria operates a ‘store’ where the girls can choose their clothes. They are limited to a certain number of items. We accept gently used clothing, but underwear must be new. 
  • Personal Wish List: Donations of toiletries are always welcomed.
  • Special Wish List: Articles used for writing, coloring, and drawing can always be used.
  • Please click here for the list of items needed for the above opportunities. 

Tutors: Many of the girls have not attended school regularly and are up to three years behind academically. Tutoring is done in a group setting on the Vista Maria campus.

One-on-One Programs

– Teach dance, singing, sewing, arts and crafts.

– Manicures/Hair Stylists

– Mentors and Big Sisters – Women, ages 21 or older, work with a girl one-on-one. This is a full calendar commitment, spending individual time once weekly.

Host an Event for Girls: This is a great option for Small Groups! Examples would be Holiday Parties, Pizza, Birthdays, Hawaiian Luaus, Movie Nights, etc.

Agency Needs include campus beautification (painting, pulling weeds, planting flowers, etc.) and general Office Support.

We partner with local residential facilities for hurting kids who need women mentors and women or men tutors. The dictionary defines a “mentor” as a “trusted counselor.” What better way to exercise Christ-like leadership in this mission field?

Mentoring opportunities exist through agencies in Oakland, Wayne, and Macomb counties. Each agency provides all training, and a minimum one-year commitment is expected. Two specific opportunities are:

  • Vista Maria, Dearborn Heights – A residential campus for girls ages 10-21. Female mentors for girls living on campus.
  • Vista Maria DREAM program, Dearborn Heights – A mentoring program designed for high potential juniors/seniors living in foster homes in Wayne Co. Meets every other Wednesday evening September-May. Men and women mentors are needed.

The need:

– 45% of kids aging out of foster care are homeless within the year.

– 60% of the young women have given birth

– 40% have been on public assistance or in jail

The impact from a groundbreaking study reported:

– Mentored children are 46% less likely to begin using illegal drugs

– 27% less likely to begin using alcohol

– 52% less likely to skip school

– Mentored children demonstrated healthier behaviors, better relationships, confidence in school performance, and increased likelihood of going to college.

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