Financial & Food Assistance

Meeting Needs & Planning for the Future

In our church family, we know many individuals and families are facing financial hardship, given our current economy. Often, families cannot make ends meet, which makes it difficult to handle today, let alone plan for the future.


The Financial Assistance Ministry supports and encourages those in need by connecting them with resources inside and outside our church community. Our staff works with individuals, helping them develop a plan to meet their immediate needs and future. If you are a NorthRidge Member or Regular Attender and would like to receive Financial Assistance, please click here.

If you have any questions, contact us at 734.414.7777 and ask for the Care Staff. To schedule an appointment for help with budget planning, call the number above and ask for the Stewardship Office.

Our caring and compassionate church family supports our Food Assistance Program. Grocery and gift cards (i.e., gas cards) are donated through our Annual Food Drive and given randomly throughout the year. We can assist NorthRidge Church families in need through gift card distribution through our Food Assistance Program. If you would like to receive food assistance, please complete the Food Assistance Request form.

Questions? Contact Us